There are layers of abstractions on top of them making things a bit easier but they also have a cost. That’s why Golang made its way into the industry (besides Google support). Goroutines are a concept loom threads very similar to Java’s virtual threads and they solve the same problem. With regular threads, it is difficult to reach high levels of concurrency with blocking calls due to context switch overhead.

The Frankfurter Kreuz is an Autobahn interchange close to the airport, where the Bundesautobahn 3 (A3), Cologne to Würzburg, and the Bundesautobahn 5 (A5), Basel to Hanover, meet. With approximately 320,000 cars passing through it every day, it is Europe’s most heavily used interchange. The Bundesautobahn 66 (A66) connects Frankfurt with Wiesbaden in the west and Fulda in the east. The Bundesautobahn 661 (A661) is mainly a commuter motorway that starts in the south (Egelsbach), runs through the eastern part and ends in the north (Oberursel). The Bundesautobahn 648 (A648) is a very short motorway in the western part which primarily serves as a fast connection between the A 66 and the Frankfurt Trade Fair.

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As you embark on your own exploration of Project Loom, remember that while it offers a promising future for Java concurrency, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Evaluate your application’s specific needs and experiment with fibers to determine where they can make the most significant impact. The primary goal of Project Loom is to make concurrency more accessible, efficient, and developer-friendly. It achieves this by reimagining how Java manages threads and by introducing fibers as a new concurrency primitive. Fibers are not tied to native threads, which means they are lighter in terms of resource consumption and easier to manage.

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This is far more performant than using platform threads with thread pools. Of course, these are simple use cases; both thread pools and virtual thread implementations can be further optimized for better performance, but that’s not the point of this post. Java has had good multi-threading and concurrency capabilities from early on in its evolution and can effectively utilize multi-threaded and multi-core CPUs. Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.1 had basic support for platform threads (or Operating System (OS) threads), and JDK 1.5 had more utilities and updates to improve concurrency and multi-threading.

Introducing Structured Concurrency

Due to its location at the northern tip of the Upper Rhine Valley in the Southwest of Germany, Frankfurt is one of the warmest and driest major German cities along with Darmstadt, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Freiburg im Breisgau. Summers in Frankfurt can get quite hot when compared to the rest of the country. On average, it sees 62 days with a daily high temperature above 25 °C and 18 days with a high above 30 °C per year. It covers the area of Frankfurt Airport that had belonged to Sachsenhausen and the neighboring city of Mörfelden-Walldorf.

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After the war, at the end of the year 1945, the number had dropped to 358,000. In the following years, the population grew again and reached an all-time-high of 691,257 in 1963. It dropped again to 592,411 in 1986 but has increased since then. According to the demographic forecasts for central Frankfurt, the city will have a population up to 813,000 within its administrative boundaries in 2035[33] and more than 2.5 million inhabitants in its urban area. Some larger housing areas are often falsely called city districts, even by locals, like Nordweststadt (part of Niederursel, Heddernheim and Praunheim), Goldstein (part of Schwanheim), Riedberg (part of Kalbach-Riedberg) and Europaviertel (part of Gallus). The Bankenviertel (banking district), Frankfurt’s financial district, is also not an administrative city district (it covers parts of the western Innenstadt district, the southern Westend district and the eastern Bahnhofsviertel district).

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This is an API for thread handling, which provides an approach for cooperating tasks (often virtual threads) to be considered and managed collectively as a collection of subtasks. One side effect of this, and our first new pattern, is that vthreads should completely remove the need for developers to use the non-blocking form of the NIO APIs directly. Instead, for each task, programs can create a dedicated virtual thread that uses the blocking API and let the runtime sort it out. The aim of the project was to solve a scalability problem with Java’s concurrency model, which was formerly based solely on operating system (a.k.a. platform) threads.

The implications of this for Java server scalability are breathtaking, as standard request processing is married to thread count. Project Loom’s compatibility with existing Java ecosystem components is a significant advantage. It allows you to gradually adopt fibers where they provide the most value in your application while preserving your investment in existing code and libraries. Unlike the previous sample using ExecutorService, we can now use StructuredTaskScope to achieve the same result while confining the lifetimes of the subtasks to the lexical scope, in this case, the body of the try-with-resources statement.

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In the year of 2018, Frankfurt recorded 108 days with a maximum over 25 °C and 43 days with a high above 30 °C. This is compared to 52 and 13 days on average per year between 1981 and 2010. The overall tendency for higher temperatures can also be seen when comparing the climate data from 1981 to 2010 with the data from 2010 to 2020. It is getting sunnier, drier and warmer and the climate resembles more a humid subtropical climate (Cfa). Frankfurt at the heart of the densely populated Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region with a population of 5.5 million.

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Frankfurt is home to influential educational institutions, including the Goethe University with the Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt (de) (Hesse’s largest hospital), the FUAS, the FUMPA, and graduate schools like the FSFM. The city is one of two seats of the German National Library (alongside Leipzig), the largest library in the German-speaking countries and one of the largest in the world. Frankfurt’s skyline is shaped by some of Europe’s tallest skyscrapers, which has led to the term Mainhattan. The city has many notable various green areas and parks, including the Wallanlagen, Volkspark Niddatal, Grüneburgpark, the City Forest, two major botanical gardens (the Palmengarten and the Botanical Garden Frankfurt) and the Frankfurt Zoo. It would be much easier if you could just lift up every other warp thread, creating an open space to pass the shuttle through. Using a needle, a hook, or just deft fingers, you interlace the weft through the warp threads, again and again, back and forth.

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Let’s start with an example of using the
Executors.newVirtualThreadPerTaskExecutor() method to obtain an ExecutorService that uses virtual threads. The easiest way to create a virtual thread is by using the Thread class. With Loom, we get a new builder method and factory method to create virtual threads. Before looking more closely at Loom’s solution, it should be mentioned that a variety of approaches have been proposed for concurrency handling. Some, like CompletableFutures and Non-Blocking IO, work around the edges of things by improving the efficiency of thread usage. Others, like JavaRX (the Java implementation of the ReactiveX spec), are wholesale asynchronous alternatives.

By embracing Project Loom, staying informed about its progress, and adopting best practices, you can position yourself to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of Java development. Check out these additional resources to learn more about Java, multi-threading, and Project Loom. Virtual Threads impact not only Spring Framework but all surrounding integrations, such as database drivers, messaging systems, HTTP clients, and many more. Many of these projects are aware of the need to improve their synchronized behavior to unleash the full potential of Project Loom. Use of Virtual Threads clearly is not limited to the direct reduction of memory footprints or an increase in concurrency. The introduction of Virtual Threads also prompts a broader revisit of decisions made for a runtime when only Platform Threads were available.

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It is not necessary for programmers to move away from ThreadLocal, but scoped values combine well with virtual thread patterns, such as fire-and-forget. It therefore seems quite likely that as scoped values are adopted, then ThreadLocal will be gradually replaced for almost all use cases. This follows the general flow for structured concurrency that we established above. Note that closing the scope is handled implicitly via the try-with-resources block—​this shuts down the scope and waits for any straggling subtasks to complete. The server socket is passed into the main serveVT() method and handles each incoming request by starting a new virtual thread. The solution is to introduce some kind of virtual threading, where the Java thread is abstracted from the underlying OS thread, and the JVM can more effectively manage the relationship between the two.

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